Why sponsor a Tia dog?

Greyhounds are not like other breeds of dog. They have been trained from a very young age to behave in a certain way. Unfortunately, that “way” is not always a good way. Some are trained/encouraged to kill small fluffy things, so when they have been through the racing industry and ended up in rescue/rehoming centres, that in itself, can be one of the greatest risks.

Most rescue/rehoming centres have lots of criteria. The main one being “assessment tests” Some of the larger rehoming charities, will not even let any dog through it’s doors until the dog can prove that he/she is not scared, is the right colour and has to be good with other dogs. It is all about rehoming figures, turnover and money. Others will take them in and try to rehabilitate the dog. Again, if they cannot, they are destroyed.

We at Tia do not have assessment tests. We also have not signed up to the Greyhound Retirement Scheme, as that too has lots of criteria. If a dog is returned to most of these that have signed up, for behavioural issues, they wont be given a second chance. All our sponsor dogs at Tia, had they ended up elsewhere, would not be here now.


We are very proud of our sponsor scheme

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