Breed: Lurcher
Sex: Male
Date of Birth:
Racing Name:

“It was May 2018 when they threw me out of a van in Doncaster. I remember it was blazing hot and I was running in the fields for what seemed like days.”

“Three days I slept when I came to Tia, three whole days. You said you didn’t know if I was going to make it. I did hear you even though I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I took your tablets and ate the food. The vet room is a lovely quiet place.”

“So, you’ve rehomed me 4 times now. Which bit of I want to live at Tia don’t you understand?!”

“So this is the thing….do not rehome me again. I want to be one of those sponsor dogs….”

Oh James…. welcome to the fold!

Nearly 5 years James has now been under the care of Tia. He is showing his age and has given us a scare recently. He is a lovely old boy, no bother. He loves his safe life and the fresh Scottish air.

James and Kiah, although they have their own kennels are inseparable…