The Brick Appeal

We did it. Well, you did it and nobody else could have pulled off a fundraising like that, believe me. The new shed is up and running and we are starting to gain traction again through the benefits of a purpose-built building. If you haven’t seen the pictures, dig them out of the video library.
I thank each and every one of you personally. Whether it was a single brick or enough for the beams, it all mattered and with the help of a legacy and a bit of manoeuvring we have paid the builders. That means we have to close the Brick Appeal.
Please don’t stop donating. The greyhound racing industry is in terrible trouble. Some trainers have some 30-40 dogs waiting to be rehomed and rescues are closing fast. I am afraid to look at the phone sometimes as old friends beg us for spaces.  Just Google Animal Rescues closing UK and hit the news tab. Some of these charities have been around for years and have been taken down by crippling rises in overheads. Two were from the GT so what does that tell you about the situation?
We have to keep going. A fresh appeal will be launched shortly to cover some bills. A staggering rise of 300% in some cases, such as insurance and audits. Costs that we have to meet if we intend to continue, and we do.
We have to.
For now though, we have completed another stage, and the dogs just love it.
So do we. Thank you