Rossmore Dazzler

Rossmore Dazzler

Rossmore Dazzler bn 13.06.2020
Irish Coursing Champion.
Lovely big dog.
No doubt he fell out of favour, got a bit old, a bit slow.
Around 3 weeks ago he landed in England and 2 weeks later he ended up in the stray kennel after been found straying in West Yorkshire. Fortunately for this lad, we still work with the kennels and here he is in a foster home after doing his time in the pound.
A whirlwind time he has had, he must wonder what on earth is going on…
Welcome Patrick…
Let’s hope their is someone out there who will adopt this beautiful boy…and thanks again to foster parents for stepping in…..



I got a call last weekend from a lovely lady, in Aberdeen, very worried as her friend is in hospital and she needed somewhere for her friends greyhound girl to go and be safe…a very spoilt and treasured girl at that. Long story short…she spent 2 nights with her dream older man,Tarzan..
She is now in a Foster home in Nairn with 2 schnauzers and a fur ball. Thanks to Greyhound Rescue Fife for letting her stay up here, none of us wanted her to go back into kennels…Tarzan is pleased to have his bed back and a bit of peace…Welcome crazy, happy girl Duchess…and thanks to foster parents again…

Brick Appeal

The Brick Appeal

We did it. Well, you did it and nobody else could have pulled off a fundraising like that, believe me. The new shed is up and running and we are starting to gain traction again through the benefits of a purpose-built building. If you haven’t seen the pictures, dig them out of the video library.
I thank each and every one of you personally. Whether it was a single brick or enough for the beams, it all mattered and with the help of a legacy and a bit of manoeuvring we have paid the builders. That means we have to close the Brick Appeal.
Please don’t stop donating. The greyhound racing industry is in terrible trouble. Some trainers have some 30-40 dogs waiting to be rehomed and rescues are closing fast. I am afraid to look at the phone sometimes as old friends beg us for spaces.  Just Google Animal Rescues closing UK and hit the news tab. Some of these charities have been around for years and have been taken down by crippling rises in overheads. Two were from the GT so what does that tell you about the situation?
We have to keep going. A fresh appeal will be launched shortly to cover some bills. A staggering rise of 300% in some cases, such as insurance and audits. Costs that we have to meet if we intend to continue, and we do.
We have to.
For now though, we have completed another stage, and the dogs just love it.
So do we. Thank you
Michael…sleep tight big fella

Michael…sleep tight big fella

Plan Impact    1.07.2013  – 15/02/2024
The judge had retired to the bar by the time Michael crossed the line, a mere eighteen lengths after the winner. His Trainers were already there, recovering from the shock.  Michael’s dad wasn’t cheap!  Royal Impact sired some of the fastest dogs to chase a hare around a stadium. Derby winners, Group winners, Track record holders you name it. Mum won twelve Open races and took a Group 3 for good measure. The family reads like a greyhound’s Who’s Who.
Yes well, what is the saying about plans and God, Michael showed up at Tia a few months after. This isn’t a horror story; the trainer wanted the best for him and made damn sure he got it. There was also a problem. Michael had a skin condition which made him look pretty ropey, almost bald. Add that to big, black, shouty and male and you end up with a blueprint for a sponsor dog.  They had tried every medication going to no avail but were still determined to give him the best life possible.
We managed to improve his hair a little after time and he settled to our world. Michael didn’t take kindly to his one shot at a sofa and blotted his copybook in a marked manner.  Having returned under a cloud and lots of stitches, he was so relieved to be home,  we bowed to the inevitable and asked for sponsors. Perhaps that was his destiny anyway.
The vet has just left us. A series of strokes pulled Michael down, his skin condition flared with a vengeance, and we knew we hadn’t long before he slipped through our fingers. We also know his time with us was a happy one, relishing the comings and goings and racing the tractors in his pen. Michael had an army of supporters including Nigel who came up especially to say goodbye a few weeks ago. We loved him and it is hurting. He was put to sleep in his bed, with his friends around him, the vet and veterinary nurse ( from Moray Coast ) were lovely and of course Deb was stroking his head….he slipped away very peacefully.
It’s been a terrible day, a terrible, terrible month and there’s more bad news to come….but for now Michael sleep tight big fella.
Daisy & Bea

Daisy & Bea

Daisy…Goose Green Starlight

Mother to Norman & Sydney….20/05/1999  to  13/1/2024

We knew Daisy was poorly and on this sad day, in January, she couldn’t get up. She went to sleep munching on a carrot whilst I stroked her beautiful face.

Bea…Hartcliffe Beyonce…3/05/2012  to 9/2/2024

We never saw that coming, she had a few problems but to find her dead like that in the stable, no sign of a scuffle, nothing….it must have been a heart attack.

I have no words…Deb

Fundraising in 2024

We are currently busy booking/organising fundraising stalls and events, including the two annual Tia Shows, as well as replenishing our depleted stocks of tombola prizes, teddies, bottles, etc.  The first few dates for your diaries are:

Sat 23rd March – stall at Wakefield Trinity Walk Shopping Centre, (outside Sainsburys) WF1 1QS. No dogs allowed unfortunately.

Sun 28th April – Tia dog walk and stall at Cannon Hall, Cawthorne near Barnsley S75 4AT.

Mon 6th May – stall at Knaresborough Pet Day, Knaresborough House. HG5 9AR. To be confirmed.

If you have anything we can use on the stalls for the tombola etc, please do get in touch.