When Rupert was fetched to us by the Police in January 2022, it was clear that he had had a very hard life. He had been found tied to rubbish bins in Doncaster town centre. The dog wardens weren’t working and the rspca didn’t want him. They had no one to send out…to be fair if they had seen a photo of him they would have made the effort, not for Rupert, but for the media/cash opportunity he would have provided.
Emaciated just under 20 kg, exhausted, his lip hanging off and an infected mouth, too sore to eat.
Injuries consistent with badger baiting.
He stole my heart and everyone else’s who he ever met. Such a gentle soul. When he was well enough he was neutered and his lip stitched back by our vet at the time, the fabulous Chris from Donaldson’s, in our own vet room…which I miss immensely. He made the trip to Scotland with us and all the other animals. A few people had wanted him but I needed a special home for Rupert, a very special one and thankfully just a month ago his mom & dad travelled from Tobermory to come and get him. It was really hard to let him go but that’s what we do and just look at him now.
If you are ever in Tobermory and you see Rupert with his mom & dad, please send me pictures…
UPDATE….me and Jo have just had a cheeky trip to the Isle of Mull to see Rupert….It was amazing to see him so happy…even if his waistline is expanding….no mom, there are no ribs to be seen there….