UPDATE  Sylvester has been at Tia exactly a year today, 7th April. He hasn’t had one enquiry. No he can’t live with cats or other breeds of dogs, but he’s not going to get any better living in kennels. He needs a chance, an experienced greyhound home. He will be 5 years old in September and really doesn’t need to become a sponsor dog…


Sylvester came up here with Brendan at the beginning of April, after his trainer sadly died.

Jimmy Middleton, one of the first greyhound men I ever met. He didn’t like me much but he knew I was good at rehoming greyhounds.

Farran Addidas was his racing name bn 6/8/2019

He raced at Askern so we know nothing of his racing history.

Sylvester has now lost his yellow stains and is a beautiful, happy, bouncy black & white boy.