Russanda Ripley Open Class racer.. A very good dog. Russanda Ripley was born in December 2015, he was born at a trainers, who had and still have a huge racing strength and are probably still breeding greyhound puppies. He was no doubt running about the paddocks next to another litter which included Russanda Capri, Maha, our beautiful sponsor dog. Whilst Maha was absolutely useless and was given away by her trainer, at only 19 months old, to live on an allotment and make up numbers at Askern Greyhound stadium, the independent track that is now closed. She would have been classed as a card filler. A year later she was given to Tia, even that guy know how useless she was. No wonder she was traumatised and still is to be honest. In the meantime Ripley had an outstanding career, an Open Class dog, one of the best. He notched up 73 races, his last one being on the 3rd August 2020. This boy was retired to a rescue centre in Barnsley. They tried there best with him for over two years. He was rehomed 3 times. Each time the owners were told not to have him on the bed, each time the owners ignored the advice, each time he snapped at them when they disturbed his sleep, his dreaming of winning again interrupted by a stray elbow or foot. So he was destined to be destroyed but thankfully they rang here….He does guard his bed, but as long as he is off it he is no bother at all. Ripley is one of those dogs who still wants to be racing. He is lost. Can he be rehomed? Absolutely. To the right person who respects this dog for his achievements and not use him as a teddy bear or comfort blanket.