An email we received from Lauren regarding River:

Hi Deb
I just wanted to say thank you to you and Bob for all the work you both do. I’d never had a dog before I came to Tia. When we first came to look at dogs with you, we weren’t entirely convinced we were ready for a dog but you saw something in us and entrusted us with Rocket.
Within days of having Rocket (Wyatt) at home I was hooked and knew I needed to have more greyhounds in my life. That’s when we came back to you to meet some more dogs, and River chose us. Sadly not long after then, we lost Rocket to bone cancer so we brought River back so she could choose another buddy, Ramodi (Carter).
As you know, I lost Ramodi 2.5 years ago, again to bone cancer, but thankfully River was not left without another dog for company for long as we then moved in with Billy the black lab.
I’ve had a lifetime to remember with River. Together we’ve experienced 5 house moves, 2 dog losses, lots of wonderful holidays, a divorce, some bad dating choices, a marriage this year and finally, the birth of my daughter, Earla.
After 9 years together on this journey, I lost River today aged 13 years and 9 months. She has lived a full and happy life in my care, but sadly today was her last.
Thank you for trusting me with your dogs. My life and theirs would not have been the same had we of not found each other.
I will be in touch again when Earla is old enough to know how to behave around these beautiful animals, as I want her to grow up with them in her life given how much joy they bring.
I’ve attached a few pictures of River (2010-2023). RIP my girl 🌈
Lauren xx