She has Jeremy ears for those who have lasted the distance. Her connections should hang their heads in shame over this little girl.
Lindrick Loner. dob 22.3.16.
More guts and tenacity in her paw than most of the block put together.
Lola was discovered on an allotment quite by chance.  Of course we said yes, and Lola, made the journey to Inverness the following day with Percy, thanks to yet another proper person.
Lola was born in Ireland and raced at Doncaster and Sheffield a staggering 120 times. In spite of being able to fit into your top pocket, Lola brought home the bacon on twenty six of those runs and came a close second in a further twenty two. Game as a pebble and frequently showing a clean pair of heels to much bigger racers. All they ever saw of her was her backside fading away in the distance.
A sofa and a happy end to her was denied and it is possible that she spent the next three years churning out diverse lurchers. There is no record of her having a greyhound litter and Lola was kept there for a purpose. As a tiny blue girl, there would have been no shortage of adopters fighting over her and our kennels were not that far away. Why the hell didn’t they bring her to us.
Lola isn’t exactly brimming with vitality. Her nerves are in shreds and she is beaten down. Shabby and scabby, teeth are horrendous but her depression is giving us the most concern for now. We think she will be OK with a good dose of TLC,  and perhaps go on to her long overdue reward of a home.  We’ve got you Lola, it’s going to be okay.
This shouldn’t have happened.